My name's Brittany, though I'm more often referred to as mom a million times a day by my very energetic 5-year-old daughter. I have worked at The Chat Shop since 2017 -wow does time fly

I have a very adventurous soul and long to see more of the world someday, even though I come from a very small farm town in Missouri. And although our town is small, I do enjoy the simplicity of the lifestyle out here compared to the hustle and bustle of cities.

You'll come to find that I am a strong participant in most TCS activities, especially our scavenger hunts. I used to be petrified to step outside of my comfort zone, however now, it's hard to hold me back. You would think working from home would turn you more into a hermit or introvert, but it did the opposite for me! I've thoroughly enjoyed my time here and I am sure you will too! :) 

Want to hear some fun facts about me?

I can't wink my right eye

I can't whistle

I'm the second oldest of six! 

And I was voted "most likely to quote a movie/tv show in everyday conversations" in high school so if you understand The Office references, you and I will get on perfectly. 

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