My two loves in life are food and the beach. I'll try just about anything, plus there's never a bad time to eat, and the sea? It's just my happy place.

I'm actually not much for a swimmer though, which might seem a little odd since my star-sign is a water one! I live by a saying which goes something like: "If you're feeling overwhelmed, go somewhere huge that makes you feel tiny to gain some perspective". The ocean does that for me.

Aside from being a beach bum with a passion for food, I’m also really big on having a positive mindset, maintaining work-life balance and being a team player.

The culture here at The Chat Shop aims for just that and, as time has gone on, it’s only gotten better.

As an Operations Manager, I work directly with our Live Chat Team on a daily basis. Believe me when I say this: you’ve never seen teamwork like ours. Whether we’re collaborating as professionals or competing with each other in Scavenger Hunts, we’ve got the concept of teamwork down. Our group is like no other, I can promise you that! 

We make teamwork look effortless and working in your pyjamas on a bad hair day totally acceptable.

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