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How We Hire The Best

Welcome to the Family!


Starting way back in 2012, our founders had the vision to develop a company that would change the way chat is used today. 7 years later, we have achieved our initial goal and continue to develop fresh new ideas about how to further customer satisfaction. 


Why do we do it? 

Because we care! We have an outstanding team of over 80 employees that come in daily to make a difference. As our team mostly works from home, it’s incredible to see such a united front. We’re Together, Individually.

Now that you know a bit about us, let’s go into the recruitment process. We know that’s why you’re here, right?

You’re interested in becoming a live chat agent. You’re motivated, skilled, have an excellent personality, and can type super fast.

But above all of that, you are ready to join a family team that will support you and make friends across the globe! 


The Recruitment Team

We have an in-house recruitment team dedicated to obtaining the absolute cream of the crop! We look for agents who demonstrate excellent grammar, typing speed, response times, personality and have the ability to engage with our customers. We admit our standards are high, but that is ultimately what makes us different. We know you can shine in your interview and make a brilliant impression. 


Our days typically look like this!


How can you impress us?


Be yourself! 

We want to see you shine through. We love big personalities and “Chatty Cathys.” Engagement is one of our top priorities here, so feel free to tell us all about yourself and get to know your interviewer. Keep in mind, we want to know you!! 


Show off your skills!

Odds are if you’re applying for this position, you have some stellar customer service skills. You probably also have sales, lead generation, and technical skills. Tell us all about that during your application phase and then tell us more during your interview. We love confident applicants and chances are we will love you! 


Let’s see some great grammar!

We know grammar can be a bit boring, right? Given our medium, it’s imperative to have excellent grammar skills. We want our customers to see that we know what we’re talking about! Can you really trust someone who talkz lik diz when trying to get chat support? We can’t either, so you can see why this is important.


You’ve got this!!


So what is our recruitment process like?

Good question, friend! We have a few stages in our recruitment process that help us get the best apples in the bunch. 



This stage is pretty routine, we’ll admit it! You simply fill out our application form and submit your speed typing test, speed internet test, and CV (resume for all of our US peeps). Keep in mind, this is our very first look at YOU, so be sure to put some effort in here and show off a bit. Don’t worry, we love confidence! 


1st Stage Interview

Here’s where it gets fun! You’ll get an invitation to join us for our first interview. You’ll speak to one of our recruitment team and go through a series of questions mainly about you! We want to know who you are, what you are looking for, and why you will fit well into our company. So be sure to SHINE! This all takes place via live chat. We know… a bit awkward at first but no worries there at all. Our recruitment staff are second to none when it comes to making you feel welcome! So don’t be nervous. We have all been in your shoes before! 


2nd Stage Interview

We know we said the first one was fun, but we’re betting the second one is even better. This stage is all about testing your understanding of the material provided and your ability to execute a well-driven chat. Before this interview, you'll be asked to complete a short assessment over the Knowledge Base we provide. 

You'll also complete two mock chats during this interview, so be sure to prepare and study up. We want to see your professional chatting style and ability to quickly reference material given to you. This is done via chat with your interviewer, so don’t worry about speaking with a real customer for now. Remember, we’re looking for engagement, so bring it on! 


Phone Interview

Finally, we do a phone interview. This one is pretty fun as well because you finally get to speak with a member of our recruitment team. 

Just before this, you'll be asked to do a very short assessment regarding your likes and dislikes for various sales aspects. Don't worry, there are no incorrect answers here. We simply want to know more about you as to place you on a team that lets your talent shine!  

In this stage, we want to talk more about you and how you would fit into our company culture. It’s painless, we promise. Feel free to show your enthusiasm, be yourself, and engage in some banter. As we said, our recruitment team loves to talk! 


Phew!! So what comes next? 

If you’ve championed your way through all three stages and impressed our team, we send you an offer letter. Then you can officially join the family, and we will welcome you with open arms! 


You’re then off to our Academy training before being sorted onto a brand new team where you’ll make friends across the globe! Think of this as somewhat of a sorting hat situation. You can say “Not Slytherin. Not Slytherin” if you’d like, but we like all houses here. 


 So, are you ready to join the family? Are you up to the challenge? Are you confident?  If so, send us an application! We would love to speak with you! 


*Please note, we are only able to hire in the UK and select US states (Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, & Texas).


Do you have questions? We can help!

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