Job Application Dos and Don'ts

Tips and tricks for your job application - direct from our recruitment team!

Making a great first impression is everything! Your application is our very first look at you. It's one of the most important parts of our recruitment process, and helps us decide if you'll be a good fit!


On a weekly basis we review several hundred applications. Based on this alone, you definitely want to make sure your application shines through above the rest.

It's important to get it right! Our recruitment team has come up with some helpful Dos and Don'ts, so you know exactly what we're looking for.

Be Yourself

The Chat Shop is all about personality, and it’s important we see that shine through your application. Answer questions as though you were sitting with us in person. Avoid big and unnecessary words you wouldn’t usually use. We’re not always looking for the next great genius of our time; we’re looking for the most personable person!

Write in Full Sentences

We want to see how well you can write in full sentences! We want to feel like we're having a real conversation, and don't want to read through lists. Why? 

  • Lists are boring.
  • They're impersonal.
  • They can drag on far too long.
  • They don't show off your personality.
  • They don't show off your creative flair.

Highlight Your Qualities

Rather than simply stating what makes you better than other candidates, give examples of your relevant achievements. Think back to previous job roles, and use your successes to highlight why you’re a good fit. “I have experience in this” won’t cut it. Tell us more about that experience!

Check Your Application

Spelling and grammar are two of the most important qualities we need at The Chat Shop. Take time to review your application and ensure it’s free of any spelling mistakes or complicated sentence structures. You’d be surprised how many applicants tell us they have a “great attension to detail”. Do not use "&" in your responses. This shows a lack of attention to detail and showcases an inability to utilize correct grammar. Copy and paste your application into your favourite word processor to check your spelling if you need to make a final check.

Read the Job Description

One of the things we notice quite often is that candidates tell us they can type 50WPM which is pretty impressive! 

However, our Chat Agent role has a minimum requirement of 65WPM with at least 97% accuracy. Make sure you read all the requirements to avoid rejection.

Don't Ignore the Questions

Each position we advertise is paired with a specific set of questions directly relating to that role. They are probably the most important part of the application. It’s important that you understand the role you’re applying for, and show us why you’re the best fit.

Be sure to answer these to the best of your ability. One sentence answers don't allow us to see your specific skills and show a lack of effort. We want to see your confidence!

Don't Burn Bridges

For different reasons, you may not be a good fit for the role you’ve applied for. We've been there ourselves before, and we understand how frustrating it can be! Believe us, it's frustrating for us as well, especially when we see so much potential!

Keep in mind that while we do receive a lot of applications weekly, we are an organised team that keeps detailed notes. Don’t let your emotions take over - we have a 90 day period before you’re invited to apply for other roles with us. We encourage candidates to take this time to develop their skills and explore suitable roles.

Don't Leave Sections Incomplete

If you’re applying for a handful of jobs, it can feel redundant to upload a CV and then have to manually type in your work history and reasons why you’re a good fit - you might be tempted to leave it blank or refer the recruiter to your CV. These sections are your opportunity to expand on your CV, and go into more detail about how your experience relates directly to the qualities we’re hiring for. Leave time to complete these sections in detail.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask Questions

If there’s any part of the application process you’re unsure of, or anything you’d like clarification on, please reach out via the Join The Family Portal. We have a really open and approachable recruitment team, and it’s our goal to make you feel supported throughout the process 


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