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Together, Individually!

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Joining our team means joining our family.

We’re very big on hard work and it shows. Even though the majority of our team works remotely, we’re making big things happen in the chat industry. How do we do it? Easy: together, individually.

We believe in working together as individuals for the ultimate success of our team as a whole. We have high expectations of communication, not just when we’re communicating with chatters, but when we’re communicating with each other. Need help? Ask. Want to help? Volunteer. Have a question? We’ve got an answer. Even our annual Scavenger Hunts and Wellness Campaigns encourage a high level of communication!

The heart of The Chat Shop lies in having conversations that matter. It’s our ability to have those conversations with each other that keeps us a strong, successful, and award-winning family. 



Our Core Values

As our company has evolved over the years, we’ve placed a huge emphasis on building our core values. We ensure these are at the forefront of our minds and held in high regard. In fact, in everything we do from bringing on new team members to onboarding new clients, our techniques revolve around our core values. We have those highlighted above, but let’s talk a bit more in detail about each. 


This starts during Recruitment. We’ve made a commitment to hiring the best! While for various roles this process may seem a bit rigorous, it allows us to find the perfect person for each position. Following that, our newly hired team members move to our training programs. Training is not a one-off thing here at The Chat Shop, and we take it very seriously. On average, our new agents receive up to 100 hours of paid training. Essentially new hires go through extensive training to ensure they are all ready to go before speaking to their very first customer. As a result, our agents come out of training ready to deliver top-notch lead generation and/or sales services on chat. We also offer ongoing support, go through quality assurance procedures both weekly and monthly, and ensure that our agents adhere to the high standards we represent. In short, we are all accountable for our shared vision. 


We started out as a small company with a big dream. Since our humble beginnings, we’ve moved on to being a forerunner in the market and pride ourselves on continuous growth. This can be seen in our outstanding AI and Chatbot development, implementation of new tools, bespoke processes, and excellent customer service. It’s not only external growth that matters to us. Growing within the business is our goal as well. We work diligently to implement new programs that support our team members, agent assist tools, and various other elements that push us forward every day! We embrace change. We take risks. We believe that obstacles are the path.


We love this one! Joy is something we do well, and we’re quite proud of it. We believe that team members who love their job bring forth better customer service. Joy is reflected in everything we do. From our love of our brand to love for each other, joy lights the way for a brighter and happier future. We take pride in celebrating individual and team accomplishments. We recognize that we wouldn’t be The Chat Shop without each and every team member we have. Recognizing achievements makes all the difference. When celebrating each milestone, each team’s success, each person working diligently to improve our company, everyone gets involved. It’s common to see shout outs in our general communication channel followed by the whole company cheering that person or team on! Joy is reflected in our members in so many ways. One to highlight is longevity. We have members who have been here from the start and those who have remained with us well over 4 years. Joy makes this all possible! This allows us to share our joy with customers every day!


This is a big one. Collaboration is at the heart of our company. We pride ourselves on having team members from around the world with different backgrounds and ideas. This helps us grow continuously as each team member brings perspectives to the table. Check out our Diversity, Equality, and Inclusivity page. We have an open-door policy and encourage our team to mention any idea that comes to mind. This has ranged from new IT processes to team challenges. We also motivate each other to bring out the very best. We happily take on any feedback from both internal and external sources and work diligently to implement changes in accordance with suggestions. In fact, if you have a suggestion for us, send us an email at feedback@thechatshop.com. Our ears are open, and we’re happy to hear your thoughts. Our approach is simple. We don’t let anyone down. We are a family.



Wellness is something we take seriously. As normal life presents challenges, we’re here to help our team through whatever they may be facing. This is a huge focus each and every day. We accept people as they are and understand that everyone needs help at times. Because of this, we pride ourselves on empowering each other to make good choices, take care of themselves, and seek help when needed. We recognize when our members need additional support and aren’t shy to reach out to offer it. In fact, our team has created a full Wellness Center packed with useful resources including wellness in the workplace, exercises to promote both mental and physical wellbeing and even relaxing podcasts to improve mood. We also have resources open to everyone as a guide to help others who may be struggling and a trustworthy team member acting as our Mental Health First Aider. In all manners, we support our team’s overall wellbeing. We look after ourselves and look out for each other.



Sometimes a simple element like honesty can be overlooked, but here at The Chat Shop, we take pride in our approach to honesty. We build trustworthy relationships with each other. This doesn’t just mean agent to agent trust. This is trust across the board. With respect and sensitivity, we speak our truth. This is encouraged as we believe this element compliments all other core values. We regularly seek out feedback from our team members to change processes and improve our overall approach. We’re all human, so sometimes we make mistakes. When those are brought forward, we hold ourselves accountable. We genuinely appreciate feedback and learn from it. We pride ourselves on being authentic. Integrity is everything!


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