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Joining our team means joining our family.

We’re very big on hard work and it shows. Even though the majority of our team works remotely, we’re still winning awards and making big things happen in the chat industry. How do we do it? Easy: together, individually.

We believe in working together as individuals for the ultimate success of our team as a whole. We have high expectations of communication, not just when we’re communicating with chatters, but when we’re communicating with each other. Need help? Ask. Want to help? Volunteer. Have a question? We’ve got an answer. Even our annual Scavenger Hunts and Wellness Campaigns encourage a high level of communication!

The heart of The Chat Shop lies in having conversations that matter. It’s our ability to have those conversations with each other that keeps us a strong, successful, and award-winning family. 


Did we mention we’ve won a bunch of awards?

You’ll have to excuse us; we’re not cocky, we’re proud. We make a concerted effort to be in a constant state of development, both as individuals and a team. That’s right, training is not a one-off thing here at The Chat Shop and we take it very seriously.

On average, our new agents receive up to 100 hours of paid training. While our awesome Training Coordinator is the backbone of this training, it’s you who will be putting in the work. Our training programme is not for the faint of heart; it requires being timely, resourceful, disciplined, and highly attentive. As a result, you come out of it ready to deliver top-notch lead generation and/or sales services on chat.

But wait, there’s more! Do you really think we earned those awards by only training our agents at the start? Of course not! In order for us to be in a constant state of development as a company, we have to be in the same state as individuals. This is why we offer ongoing training and support throughout your entire time on our team. We’ve got routine performance reviews and quality assurance and KPI checks, as well as courses on our training platform that you can self-enroll in to work on your professional skillset!


Providing 24/7 coverage to our clients means providing round the clock rotas for our team.

If you’re looking into remote work, there’s a good chance traditional work schedules don’t work for you. We get that. The set rotas we offer our agents keep that in mind.

You won’t be sitting at home on your computer for eight hours a day, taking chat after chat. That’s definitely not what we think a healthy work-life balance means. Instead, you’ll be working split shifts on a set schedule so you can plan for work and plan for life.

We offer rotas around the clock and appreciate our team members regardless of what hours they’re due to work. Every chat is just as important as the next, and the same goes for our agents. 

As for compensation, we believe we offer competitive compensation for our agents whether they’re in the U.K. or the U.S. All of our agents are also classed as employees, regardless of their country of origin, so there’s no need for you to worry about self-employment taxes. Payments are made bi-weekly, and we use one of the highest-rated online payroll platforms available. 

*Shift availability can vary depending on the company’s needs if and when you are hired.




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